Orbiting in Outer Space

SpaceX launched 152 cremated remains on a Falcon Heavy rocket. The “Funeral Flights” were arranged by Celestis, offering spaces for $5000 for one gram of “participant” ashes. (1) (The average person’s cremains weigh roughly five pounds or over 2250 grams.) Other options include launch to space…

New tech and communicating with the deceased

With a goal to create individual personalities using artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft recently had a patent approved that could use your digital remains (Social Media, Texts, Emails, and other personal data) in combination with generated images and holograms to allow anyone to speak with the deceased. …

J.H. Harrington

Author of ‘Digital Remains’ available now. Proven Industry Expert. Sharing thoughts and ideas on the world we live in from birth to death and beyond.

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